Shipping day jitters 🥴…

This was a complete, frustrating, nerve-wracking rollercoaster

One of the worst parts of making music is actually sitting down to do the damned thing. A shortcut to productive procrastination 🥴😅

I love the universal truths of humanity…

a pharmacy sign that says "Don't wait get a flu"


a macro photo of my dog sleeping on my hand

Against all my wishes and best efforts, I have had to learn about JS Service Workers

Shuna's Journey Review

Finished reading Shuna's Journey last night. The translation was very well done; and it’s obviously gorgeous, but the thing I enjoyed most was seeing the first iterations of stuff that would appear in Miyazaki’s later works. It’s proof that you don’t need to come up with fresh ideas every time; you can iterate on previous work and keep returning to something to refine it.

Having only 1 free weekend until mid-December (at best 🫠) means the Christmas tree went up early

a photo of our Christmas Tree

My brain’s felt like the stack overflow logo for…a while now 😵‍💫

Thanksgiving Ham

A thanksgiving themed photo of my dog

Anyone want to guess what the new Noko feature will be? Beta launching in a few weeks!

Godspeed to everyone else conscripted to get Taylor Swift tickets for someone 🫡🫡🫡🫡

I just found out that Gerda was made by the same studio that made Life Is Strange; so you should get it…

The club scene from Collateral but it’s The Slide Man

🎮 I’ve been playing Gerda: a flame in Winter, and it’s astounding. Probably one of the best balances between historical narrative, interactive fiction, and modern game design I’ve ever seen

As seen in today’s walk

a dumpster with 420 printed on it

Working on a brand-new feature for Noko, and it’s progressing incredibly quickly. I can’t wait for folks to get their hands on it.

Related: Maintaining software is a really tricky thing, but pays off. The theme of this year has to be behind-the-scenes rewrites; we’ve touched a lot of Noko’s core internals, because they needed the maintenance desperately. Since we approached it strategically and tried to double-dip as much as possible; this new feature is coming together pretty seamlessly.

14+ years of a product being around means that stuff needs fixed! Frameworks change, heck, the execution environment is wildly different now with browsers. The best thing you can do for yourself + your team is to build with maintainability in mind as much as possible. Which is different than make everything generic, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

The Affinity V2 deal was too good to pass up; $99 for a whole suite of software, on both Mac & iPad? No-brainer.


Once I finally get time to finish this EP, I’ll be able to use Publisher for the liner notes. Pages was doing the job, but having a full-on publishing tool will help it shine

My synth case finally came in, which means I can finally use the stickers I’ve collected over the years.

Sunday walks with Kira🐕

Question: what are people using for UI mockups on iPadOS? 💻🎨🖌

Did my first HIIT workout in about a year and dear god it was absolutely brutal 🥲😬

Getting my new iPad Pro setup, and the engineering behind the M1 is truly astounding. I’ve never really had a “magic” moment with computers, where they’re so responsive it feels like thoughts are just pouring out onto the screen, but the M1 does that on the regular.

Okay but WHO gave her permission to look this cute? 🐕