Thomas Cannon

Compounding effects of good software architecture…

Noko since 2021+ has proven this thread 1000%

The compounding effects of upgrading to current Rails, crystallizing our 14+ years of product lifespan into an actionable framework on top of Rails, keeping that framework declarative & straightforward, and making sure any new code fits in said framework means that we’ve been able to ship stronger features, faster.

  • Rails 7+ gave us Arel, Scenic, and JS importmaps, and ActiveModel
  • Those became the foundation for building clean layers, keeping our model code simple while allowing us to flourish in our UI design & tackle performance problems.
  • That meant we could rebuild the reporting engine from the ground up, with ridiculous performance
  • The simplicity of our framework means that we can build out standard components with minimal overhead
  • Which made tackling giant things like the Timer easier
  • Which gave us the knowledge + skills to build out rate sheets in ~month
  • And means that we’re able to keep hammering at quality-of-life features (like calendar syncing) in record time.
  • All amidst a dozen other tiny product things!

Reading the docs, refining, and enforcing frameworks is an actionable way to get to dependable foundations