Thomas Cannon

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I got food poisoning (don’t get food poisoning).

I figured out a physical release for Mesh Network! DIY, made from recycled materials, cost-effective.


A photo of a physical copy of Mesh Network, made from recycled materials

A photo of the back of a physical release for Mesh Network. The text says: Mesh Network is a meditation on what a grounded solarpunk future could be like; without some of the annoyances I have with both ambient music & solarpunk work.
Each track is a different look at the same world. They're independent, but connected, building the eponymous mesh network.
This physical release is made from recycled cardboard and 100% recycled paper for minimal environmental impact.
Inside is a Bandcamp download code, which includes a digital liner notes/art book; with the art that guided me during the composition process.

A photo of the inside of a physical copy of Mesh Network, with a thank you note inside it