Thomas Cannon

Mesh Network made it to an art show!

Last night was the first art show at Atlas Local, and I was lucky enough that two different people wanted to collaborate!

First up, my friend Dorcas Lanyero and I collaborated in a giant Mesh Network inspired painting! It turned out incredibly; and there are still some bits we want to improve (such as actually painting on the photovolic shading/projections onto the vertical greenhouses)

A photograph of the Mesh Network painting: a verdant town ensconsed in a mountain with a waterfall nearby, a maglev train running behind the waterfall, and vertical greenhouses


Also: Em Blitstein embraced the inner 90s punk in us all and made a zine; with some of the liner notes and a poster design I’ve been toying around with!

A spread of Mesh Network inside Em Blitstein's zine; which includes some comments from the liner notes and a promotional poster I've been working on for the album