Thomas Cannon

Building in public 1

👋 I’m stuck waiting on laundry to finish, so carving out some time for an announcement!

I’ve been wanting to build something in public for a while, and there’s no time like the present.

I’ve had an idea kicking around in my head for a privacy-first CRM that’s aimed at very small companies/operations. It’s directly informed by my own experiences working in Noko, and publicizing my music.

The audience is very focused on small operations. Stuff like my music, smaller SaaSes/service businesses. Where you want *some* place to keep track of leads & seeing who your most valuable customers are, but you specifically don’t want to track a ton of data.

And there are ancillary/modern assumptions, like tracking different product purchases by default, tracking influencers/promo efforts, and some way of ranking how effective you find particular marketing channels.

Some implementation notes:

  • It’ll also be a real-world example of a passkeys first application; because right now there are way too few of those
  • It’s a chance to really use Web Push!
  • I know it’ll be a vanilla/minimal JS app; to prove again that you don’t need a ton to make a great, useful app.
  • I think I’ll also be working on a vanilla JS/HTML variant of Standerd, made by my friends over at Nicer Studios. Have to try it out before I make that call