Thomas Cannon

Once again, Teams should ALWAYS be an MVP feature

One of the hardest parts of starting the codebase for the Practical Framework was the continual restraint I had to practice to do stuff that is boring & annoying, but I knew it needed full focus to get done right. Teams & Organizations were a prime example of that; because I knew academically that they should be an MVP feature

Frankly, it took like 1-2 months to get right; and slowed everything down. All boilerplate, nothing fun, no business logic. But imagine the sheer vindication felt when I got this email in the middle of one of the smallest betas I’ve ever worked on:

There is one thing I wanted to let you know, since I think [REDACTED] hasn’t spoken to you about this yet. […], is there a way that we can add a section to say which company has the job? So for example, I’ve been entering jobs for [X] but I know [REDACTED] wants to enter jobs into the dispatcher for [Y]

Teams/organizations are always always gonna show up