Thomas Cannon…


Rate Sheets are in general beta for Noko!…

See how you’re doing in 2023, and make sure you’re spending your work time on the most valuable projects

Which, upon reflection, is reaaaallllllyyyyyyyy fuckin shitty after the Super Bowl

Listening to Off The Wall for the first time, uh, and 2010s Justin Timberlake was really just copying the answers over MJ’s shoulder, wasn’t he?

The UJS pattern that Rails has (had? The Rails JS & documentation story is messy) is arguably the best bridge that’s been implemented between client & server.

It can be rigged up with basic data attributes, it is powered by the browser’s native event-handling. That makes it easy to extend/customize, it doesn’t get in your way, and there isn’t a deadly tight coupling between the client & server codebases

I’m BEGGING any competent iOS/macOS developer to build a competitor to TextExpander. It’s so damn clunky for no reason, the iOS keyboard straight-up doesn’t work, and their Electron UI is garbage. I’d pay a subscription for a replacement in a heartbeat

Yes I am 12

a screenshot of my Bandcamp promo codes, 69 (nice) have been redeemed

In a day of firsts, I also got my first YouTube review!…

I hadn’t fully internalized some of the points he makes about my music, but hearing it said out loud there’s definitely stuff that’s right on the money

Also “this might be drier than usual” - is the story of my life 😂

The corollary of this software architecture discussion I posted a few weeks ago is that you’ve gotta be consistent about it.

In this week’s case, it means begrudgingly realizing “well, hell, this actually needs a rewrite.” Even though I’m not looking forward to it; it’s 100% going to help by reducing the number of hacks & simplifying the codebase.…

Kept going to refresh & try to find today on the App Store, subscribed to Premium. A mixture of excitement at a first-class Mastodon client, & seeing an indie developer get back up after the Twitter shitshow

I wish someone had told me punk would involve so many glue sticks & cardboard…

🤯 this experiment paid off, it’s actually in a record shop. Now to wait and see if it sells 🤞🤞🤞

a physical LP-sized release of Mesh Network in a record shop

Graphic design is my passion

Graphic design is my passion

This was a great insight into the crucial roles that make communities thrive…

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I got food poisoning (don’t get food poisoning).

I figured out a physical release for Mesh Network! DIY, made from recycled materials, cost-effective.


A photo of a physical copy of Mesh Network, made from recycled materials

A photo of the back of a physical release for Mesh Network. The text says: Mesh Network is a meditation on what a grounded solarpunk future could be like; without some of the annoyances I have with both ambient music & solarpunk work.
Each track is a different look at the same world. They're independent, but connected, building the eponymous mesh network.
This physical release is made from recycled cardboard and 100% recycled paper for minimal environmental impact.
Inside is a Bandcamp download code, which includes a digital liner notes/art book; with the art that guided me during the composition process.

A photo of the inside of a physical copy of Mesh Network, with a thank you note inside it

Cursed food poisoned idea.

A parody of the Barenaked Ladies banger, “Yallternative girlfriend”

Been a busy day, but finally sketched out the idea I had for how record shops could add digital-only releases into stores. I don’t know if I’m missing something, but it feels like a no-brainer?

Does anyone know of record stores that sell digital-only stuff (eg: bandcamp releases)? I had a brain blast on how it could work, but curious to see if/how stores are already doing it.

Any ambient internet radio stations want to add “Mesh Network” to their rotation? It’s a meditation on what a grounded solarpunk future could be like.…

#music #solarpunk #ambientmusic #internetradio #bandcamp #indieartists

To save you a 10 minute YouTube video: here’s how to neatly organize your analog synths without losing any data & allowing for customization later

To save you a 10 minute YouTube video: here’s how to nearly organize your analog synths without losing any data & allowing for customization later:

  1. Create 1 MIDI track, 1 audio track
  2. Combine them into a track stack, with a descriptive name
  4. Play around in the MIDI track, record your performance, get it just how you like it
  5. When you’re ready to record; switch over to the audio track: press record, get some coffee, come back when it’s finished

You keep all the MIDI data; you can tweak + re-record as needed, and you don’t lose what patch you used!


A screenshot explaining how to organize analog synths: with a descriptive track stack that contains the MIDI data, the final recording from the synth, and your patch name in the track notes

Compounding effects of good software architecture…

Noko since 2021+ has proven this thread 1000%

The compounding effects of upgrading to current Rails, crystallizing our 14+ years of product lifespan into an actionable framework on top of Rails, keeping that framework declarative & straightforward, and making sure any new code fits in said framework means that we’ve been able to ship stronger features, faster.

Reading the docs, refining, and enforcing frameworks is an actionable way to get to dependable foundations

The past 2 days have been a march of package regressions, merge conflicts, and environment hiccups. For a relatively straightforward environment!

Glad we focus on keeping things as simple as possible.

Want to try something: AMA about Mesh Network! Process questions, inspiration, etc.